Despite the devastating blow the hospitality industry is facing from COVID-19, we’ve been able to drive sales and book $12.6M into our hotel portfolio. We’ve done this by:

  1. Establishing the Jacaruso Account Network. The account network is our internal sales network designed to find and source business to our hotels in our portfolio. In response to COVID-19 market conditions, every hotel we support is included in opportunities uncovered by 80+ sales people making calls every day so your hotel’s distribution reaches further. Since April, this initiative has sourced over 7,244 RFPs and booked more than $12.6M in new business.
  2. After 50,000 sales calls and 150+ hours of research, we developed Accelerate eLearning, a virtual hotel sales training program designed to recover revenue more quickly. Learn what business is traveling TODAY and how to capture it. Click here to register for our feature course, Navigating COVID-19 for your first course FREE.
  3. We now offer THREE different Hotel Sales Support Service packages that fit any budget. Click here to learn about the silver, gold and platinum package offerings.

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