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About Toni Jacaruso

Meaningful and purposeful personal lives are directly proportional to the connection and relationships with others. Business is no different. My company’s mission is to work on projects I am passionate about with people I respect. Gratitude and a sense of humor help too!" - Toni Jacaruso

Toni Jacaruso offers deep insight and expertise in sales and marketing for hospitality industry clients. Embracing engagement over outdated, pushy sales tactics, she teaches people how to close sales and increase revenue. Toni applies cutting-edge sales strategies to reach an ever-more knowledgeable and sophisticated consumer. Prior to founding JE in 2007, Toni served as VP of Sales and Marketing for a top management company spanning hotels including Hilton, Marriott, and Intercontinental Hotel Group.

As Regional Director at Hilton Hotel Corporation, Jacaruso provided consulting services to hotels, management companies and owners in areas including:

  • Rate and sales strategies
  • Revenue generation
  • Extended stay segment development
  • Product and service quality enhancement
  • Financial cost controls

She worked closely with marketing, training, quality assurance, design and construction, and finance departments to develop corporate standards. She was also actively involved in building positive franchise relations.

Toni by the Numbers


Years of experience in the hospitality industry


Number of unique hotel brands she’s worked on


Number of hotels nationwide she managed direct sales, marketing and revenue management for as VP of Sales & Marketing prior to JE


Number of degrees she holds – a BA in Management and an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Summa Cum Laude)


Number of GM’s and DOS’s  she’s taught how to sell effectively in sales classes


Number of hotel professionals she’s educated in Social Media classes and seminars


Number of airplanes she’s flown on


Number of suitcases she’s lost