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Accelerating your hotel’s results is intentional.  Accelerate is an eLearning platform to help you drive results. This interactive and engaging virtual learning will help you & your team:

  • Recover revenue more quickly during and post COVID-19
  • Deliver on travelers’ new priorities and expectations
  • Transform your sales approach
  • Procure customers traveling today & tomorrow
  • Elevate service delivery for the new guest experience

Embrace how hospitality has changed and arm yourself with the knowledge of how to WIN despite a global pandemic! 

Featured Course: Navigating COVID-19

Learn what we have discovered from over 50,000 sales calls and $7.1M in booked revenue since April 2020.  Navigating COVID-19 is a foundational course featuring FIVE e-learning courses & 40+ downloadable tools and resources to put e-learning into practice immediately.  The courses include:

  • Understanding the Guest Today: Exceed Expectations
  • Who is today’s traveler in MY market & how to find them
  • Connecting today: Communicating in Today’s Environment
  • Getting ready for the Guests of Tomorrow
  • Leading strategically: Be ready to Pivot!

Coming Soon: The New Sales Essentials

There are many industries traveling today, but prospecting for them looks very different.  If your problem is struggling to know where to start—you are not alone.  The New Sales Essentials is the solution!

The New Sales Essentials explains:

  • WHO is traveling
  • WHAT the industry is and how to speak the language
  • WHERE to hunt for the business
  • HOW to keep your lead funnel working

Join April Eskelson as she previews The New Sales Essentials course and shows specific examples of how it will help you find new business in your market NOW.

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