Successful Secrets I’ve Learned Managing a Heavy Workload

Hear from our Regional Director of Sales, Kate

Managing a heavy workload can feel like an uphill battle. For me, as a Regional Director of Sales responsible for the revenue generation of multiple hotels, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. When you have a long list of tasks to complete, it’s sometimes challenging to accomplish your most important priorities. If you have struggled under the weight of a heavy workload, fear not! Here are some of the secrets I’ve learned managing a large hotel portfolio at Jacaruso Enterprises that can make your life easier.

Master Your Schedule

My first secret to managing a heavy workload is to prioritize my schedule. This means focusing on the most important tasks first, which for me are the revenue-generating tasks. As a Regional Director of Sales, it’s my job not only to prospect to find new business, but also to respond to incoming leads and RFPS, and (hopefully!) book the business.

One tool I use to master my schedule is to use email templates. For example, if I receive a lead for a piece of business that is 18-24 months out, I send an email template to the client letting them know that their inquiry is important to me and that I will get back to them with a proposal by a specific date. By doing this, the client still feels acknowledged while I can work on more immediate revenue-generating tasks in the short term.

Block Time for Important Tasks Throughout the Day

Another strategy I regularly use is to block time throughout the day. Setting aside designated blocks of time to complete specific tasks like prospecting, lead response, prepping for conference calls, contract creation, eating lunch – or even walking my dog – helps me work on the most important tasks during the time I have allocated. I can respond to all of the leads that have come in during those blocks of time, rather than dropping everything the second I receive a new email or request. This has really helped me stay laser focused and avoid getting sidetracked.

Set Expectations

When it comes to managing a heavy workload, the one tip that has been a game changer for me is setting honest and realistic expectations. I have to remember that I am the only person in charge of my time. When my to-do list seems never-ending, it’s tempting to drop whatever I’m doing to help a client or hotel owner the second they call. While that immediate response is well-intentioned, it doesn’t result in the most productive use of my time.

I try to avoid that temptation by setting an expectation on my response. When I receive a lead from my hotel while I’m in the middle of closing a multi-million-dollar piece of business, I tell them, “Thank you for this lead. I will follow up on it no later than 3 pm today.” With that expectation set, there’s no need for my hotel contacts to wonder if I have their request handled and continually check in on progress. They can trust me to get it done.

Be Picky

At Jacaruso, my salary is based on the number of hotels in my portfolio. I have control over the minimum and maximum number of hotels I oversee at any given time. I love the ability to adjust my salary with my needs. The more hotels I have in my portfolio, the higher my salary. If I want to have a lighter workload to spend more time traveling, enjoying downtime, or picking up a new hobby, I can.

I manage a large hotel portfolio, and while we are constantly hiring Regional Directors of Sales, it’s not uncommon to be asked to take on another hotel as Jacaruso continues to grow. In effort for me to consider adding to my portfolio, the key is to be picky and know what works for you.  The mix of hotels in my portfolio dictates my ability to take on more work. There is a mix that works best for my work style. Knowing what that is and only taking on more properties that can help manage and maintain that sweet spot is the key to success.

Know When to Say No

Knowing my limits and when to say no to increasing my portfolio is important. If I’m approached by my Director of Operations about taking on a new hotel, and the thought of adding a new property to my portfolio makes me break out in hives, I think twice. Work/life balance is important to me, and it’s important to JE. I need to be protective of my time and listen to my inner voice in order to maintain a sustainable and enjoyable career. If I can easily see where the extra work fits into my calendar with no disruption to my quality of life, I say yes. If I can’t, it’s a no.

Set Boundaries 

To prevent myself from being stretched too thin, I have clear and firm boundaries. This is different from setting expectations. It’s not possible to do everything, so I focus on the most important tasks, set realistic goals, and set boundaries around my work hours.

Prospecting for new business is a huge part of my role. If you’re a hotel sales expert like me, you know prospecting is all about quality, not quantity. At JE, there is no specific threshold for the number of prospecting calls I need to make for my hotels per week. So, while I may be able to make 25 prospecting calls for one of my hotels during one week, I may only be able to do 4 the next. I’m committed to researching and saturating the accounts I prospect. That may be a better use of my time than smiling and dialing making more calls. I’m a natural people pleaser and I enjoy exceeding expectations. However, it’s important for me to set boundaries around my time so I don’t spend 85 hours a week working to get it all done.

Get It Done

Managing a heavy workload is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Prioritize and time block, set expectations, be picky, know when to say no, and have clear boundaries. With these secrets in mind, you’ll be well on your way to managing your workload like a pro.

If you’re a hotel salesperson interested in learning more about what I do, I’d love to talk with you. We’re hiring Regional Directors of Sales to join our team. Feel free to send me a message, or head to When you’re ready to apply, list my name on your application as the referrer and you’ll receive a preliminary interview. So go ahead, put these secrets to the test and see the difference it can make in your work life. And if you’re interested in exploring career opportunities with us, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’m excited to chat with you!

Kate is a Regional Director of Sales for Jacaruso Enterprises. In her role, Kate oversees the sales efforts for a portfolio of hotels. Kate has worked for JE since 2016.

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