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We might be the best kept secret in the hospitality industry. At Jacaruso, we believe in and live “JE Life”. We work hard, and we play hard. We support each other and we vacation together. We are committed to delivering sales results to the owners, managers and brands that have put their trust in us. Teamwork is not a word that we throw around, we are what teamwork aspires to be. Do you have what it takes to earn a place on our team of hotel sales experts?

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A Different Kind of Work, a Different Kind of Life

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Plenty of companies have mission & vision statements. At JE, we have a way of life. Learn more about #JELife.

Discover a different kind of work, and a different kind of life at JE. 

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“Working from home allows me to be present in so many ways.  I can focus on my job, my hotels, and their clients, with less chaos. No more interruptions in my office, impromptu site visits, and no more commuting!  If I need to stop and go to car line, I can.  If I need to stop and watch my daughter at a school volleyball game, I am able to work and still be there.”

-Tenille M., Regional Director of Sales, Multi-Tasker and Super Mom

“Imagine a job where you can work independently but also with the best talent in the industry. Well, that’s what it’s like to work at JE. JE believes in not just building relationships, but also building people and their skills. The love and support the team has for each other is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my career before. If you want to work with the best salespeople in the industry, this is where you want to be!”

-Bill S., Regional Director of Sales, Seasoned Sales Vet, Karaoke King

“My days are filled with loads of learning new tools, techniques, and tips from some of the best and brightest salespeople in hospitality.  The tools I’m provided bring tremendous value to the hotels in my portfolio. Knowing I work with a team invested in elevating me personally and professionally, drives me to work harder at being the best version of myself every day.”

-Donna B., Regional Director of Sales, Sales Master and Self-Motivator


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