Pivoting to New Sources of Business

Video Transcription

Toni Jacaruso:

Hi, I’m Toni Jacaruso. Things are changing and our sources of business are changing. But, there is business out there. We support over 900 hotels and employ over 150 salespeople throughout the United States. What they have found is colleges and universities, right now, need room nights, because people are traveling to help with medical research. We also know there’s a need for alternatives to dorm rooms. Government, our government workers are traveling. Is your per diem rate loaded? Is it bookable? Trucking, transportation companies, how has your relationship with CLC? You can call on those companies directly as well. And finally, it’s really important that you know all hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical companies are needing hotel accommodations. So, reach out to them and be as helpful as you can to try to accommodate them. If you want to learn more sales tips or more about what we do or how we might be able to help you, go to jacaruso.com. Good luck on your sales adventures. I’ll see you next time.

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