5 Questions to Ask Yourself if a Prospect is Ghosting You

Being ghosted by a prospective account can be a relatively traumatic experience. You’re researching, calling, emailing thinking you two would hit it off only to be ignored, left on read, or deleted from their inbox.

Prospects will ghost you if you aren’t providing creative, engaging or compelling content. And, let’s be honest, many of us give up too quickly when we don’t receive a response. Before you decide to move on from an account that’s totally ghosting you, ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. Would I (if I were the customer) open the email I sent? 

Seriously!  Look at the subject line and put yourself in the customer’s shoes.  Would you delete? Or open? Most optimal subject lines have only 2-4 words. That’s it! The more words you use, the more your open rate probability drops. Be strategic about how you lure prospects in. Some of the most opened email subject lines contain “Re:”. Consider trying one of these options to increase your open rate:

“Re: Follow Up”
“Re: Update”
“Re: Introduction”
“Re: Checking In”

If that doesn’t work, try an emoji. Data proves that using an emoji in the subject line, when appropriate, can increase open rates by 4%.

2. Would I read it if I did open it? Delete it halfway through? Is there a clear call to action, or content that is worth a prospect’s time?

Brevity in email is key. You’re not writing a novel. Not even a short story. Keep your email between 50-125 words to increase response rate.

 3. Have I modified the email, message or subject line I’m sending?

Personalize your content so prospects feel less guilty about ghosting you. If you’re resending the same email to your prospect each time and not getting a response, stop. They didn’t read it the first time for a reason. Consider using a different subject line, modifying the body of your email, and consider bringing new value to your prospect with each message.

4. Have I completely infiltrated the opportunity? Have I connected with all the possible departments within that account?

If you’re hitting a brick wall with one prospect, have you tried something else? Here are some other departments to infiltrate that you may have better luck with.

  • Accounting
  • Corporate affairs
  • Executive offices
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Training

5. Am I using the customer’s preferred method of contact?

If you’re not making any headway with one style of communication, consider changing it up. Use a different method, or even tone when writing and speaking to your prospect prior to throwing in the towel.

Some prospects aren’t worth pursuing. Ask yourself these questions before you decide to move on from a one that’s ghosting you. Good luck!

April Eskelson is the Director of Instructional Design for Jacaruso Enterprises. In her role, April facilitates training and education to sales professionals, management companies and hotel brands with transformative concepts based on current, in-the-trenches experience that gets results. Jacaruso Enterprises specializes in remote hotel sales service, and training. To learn more, visit http://jacaruso.com.  

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