15 Entrepreneurs Describe Their Leadership Styles

Every leading position in business requires a demonstration of diverse skills and leadership styles.

Working environments differ thus requires the leader to master the best style that works in that business. For instance, an authoritative style may not suit a business in its initial stages of development.

Here’s how Toni Jacaruso leads her team:

Reflection of my personality

Toni Jacaruso

My leadership style is a direct reflection of my personality: driven, competitive and compassionate. I have high expectations of myself and my team. I don’t aim to achieve our company goals; I aim to crush them. I don’t want anyone to have to guess what I am thinking or what I expect. Although I am opinionated about all aspects of my business, I express those opinions with respect, gratitude, and decisiveness. I started my business like most entrepreneurs I know – with $5,000 and a guest room for an office. For the last three years, we have made the Inc.5000 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, and this year ranked in the Inc.5000 Best Workplaces. One of the many blessings of success is the opportunity to ponder my leadership style. When my revenues grew, I began to hire people with one clear criterion: only hire people I want to go on vacation with. That way I will always be surrounded in my business by people I love. So far, it’s working!

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