Short-Term / Turnover Sales

Constant turnover in staff is an all-too-familiar challenge for most hotels. It’s especially disruptive when that vacancy is in the sales office. The tendency is to rush to fill the position quickly. Let us give you the gift of time so you can identify and hire the right candidate for the job. Maintaining that ongoing sales effort goes hand-in-hand with maintaining your revenue. Our Regional Sales Director will step in to fill that gap immediately so nothing falls through the cracks.

How we can help:

  • Continuity of Sales –Your schedule is full and your sales inquiries don’t have time to wait on a response from you before calling your competitor. With our hotel sales strategies we minimize the risk of losing business by providing a 4-hour window response for all incoming inquiries.
  • Business on the Books – We’ll follow up on any upcoming groups monitor cutoff dates so you don’t have to. How about this: We maintain inventory integrity by following up on upcoming groups, monitoring block pick up and cutoff dates so you don’t have to.
  • 3rd Party Lead Responses – Don’t worry, we’ve responded to a few of these in our time (over 250,000 but who’s counting). We’re happy to handle these too.

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