5 Non-Negotiable Values Millennials Should Look for In an Employer

Hear from our Regional Directors of Sales, Tylar


I’m the last of the millennials. We are one of the largest generations in history, growing up in a time of rapid change and technology at our fingertips. We are ambitious, pragmatic, diverse, and have high expectations (guilty!). We expect more from the companies we choose to invest time and resources in, including our employers.

I’ve worked as a Regional Director of Sales for Jacaruso Enterprises since 2018, and onsite at hotels before that. In my career journey, I’ve learned a thing or two. Here are five values that are non-negotiable for my fellow millennials (and others!) in the workforce.

1. Transparency

One thing I appreciate most about working for JE is transparency. This is the only company I’ve worked for that puts their money where their mouth is. There are no secrets. There are no surprises. JE shares with me our company financials, proposed changes to the organization, quarterly goals and more. No matter what your position, you know what’s going on in the company at all times.

2. Accountability

We are experiencing hyper growth right now at JE, and sometimes there are growing pains. Our leadership team is constantly looking for areas of opportunity to make my job as an RDOS easier and help me be more efficient. Oftentimes, they get it right, but sometimes they don’t. JE encourages our team to vent up, not down. Leadership acknowledges faults and implements change based on employee feedback.  I really value this. I’m not afraid to speak up, have a conversation with my peers, or even voice my concerns to executive management without the fear of retaliation.

3. Boldness

Am I the only one that’s felt like you can’t be your authentic self at work? I used to feel like I had to compartmentalize work life from my personal life. There were certain aspects of my life I never talked about to my co-workers when I was onsite at a hotel. Not because I was ashamed, but just because…I didn’t. Not anymore. There’s no shame in admitting if I need help, or even if I have an emotional breakdown. I feel supported and encouraged to be nothing but myself at all times.

4. Employee Wellness

Let’s be honest here: we are more in tune with wellness now than we were pre-pandemic. Having optimal work/life balance and taking care of myself physically as well as mentally is top priority for me. There have been countless wellness initiatives, meditations, and workshops that I’ve participated in at JE. It’s like a regular occurrence here. Knowing my employer prioritizes employee wellness is paramount so I can live my best life.

5. Acceptance

My final non-negotiable value is acceptance. As a mixed-race woman, I will always root for organizations that value diversity and inclusion. JE is a woman-owned business that truly celebrates people from all walks of life, different races, ideologies, and sexual orientations. Our core value of compassion is displayed regularly amongst our team and leadership in respect of each other’s differences.

6. Why it Matters

These five values aren’t just for millennials, you know. If you’re a hotel salesperson working for an organization that doesn’t champion these values, it’s time for a change. We’re hiring!

To learn more about what it’s like to work at JE, send me a message. If you’re interested in learning more about the position, check out  https://bit.ly/3W9hKt4. Once you are ready to submit your application and resumé, when asked “how did you hear about us?” add my name as the referrer. That referral will automatically get you a preliminary interview.

Good luck!

Tylar Kinkade is a Regional Director of Sales for Jacaruso Enterprises. In her role, Tylar oversees the sales efforts for a portfolio of hotels. Tylar has worked for JE since 2018.

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