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Leads List Service

Discover new clients and better contacts to LEAD the market. The service is perfect for recently opened hotels looking to get up to speed on the market quickly, for mature hotels looking to update their view of the market and find new contacts, or for a sales blitz or new sales team member. Each list is compiled and analyzed by hotel sales professionals with deep experience in identifying compatible companies for the hotel’s business model and discovering valuable contacts to call upon. We take pages of data about the market, comb through the data to select only the most viable leads, refine based on extensive internet research, and present the results in a clear, easy to read Excel format.

  • Leads are compiled and reviewed by experienced hotel sales professionals
  • Lists are easy to read and easy to work
  • Fast, cost effective solution to get the hotel ready for a sales blitz
  • Customized per hotel and per market
Pricing starts at $750 per list

A hotel's personalized, comprehensive view of opportunities

We divide leads into buckets based on their relevance and importance to the hotel.

Hot/Warm Leads

Hot Leads are the most likely to bring significant business or are already clients of your competition. Warm Leads are likely to bring in business, but not as much as Hot Leads.

Cold Leads

Cold Leads are not likely to bring in business, but we save them so the hotel does not duplicate efforts.

Core Leads

Core Leads are restaurants, entertainment venues, and other businesses that should be aware of a hotel’s presence in the market.

Government Leads

Government Leads are local, regional and national government offices and agencies.

Along with every list, we provide a Google Map of the Hot Leads, making it more efficient for hotel teams to execute sales calls to the businesses most likely to generate significant revenue to the hotel