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Jacaruso Enterprises Inc. Data Privacy Policy – Service Contract Related


In performing any agreed upon services , Jacaruso Enterprises will devote the work product generated on your behalf only for your benefit during the duration of your contract with us. However, in the event that your contract with Jacaruso Enterprises either expires without renewal or is terminated, the general, non-specific, work product generated belongs to Jacaruso Enterprises and may be used in any legal way. This work product does not include the confidential and/or proprietary information of your company that you specifically provide to us. However, this work product specifically includes the following types of information that were generated by Jacaruso Enterprises: general market research and other general information generated by Jacaruso Enterprises that does not include your confidential and/or proprietary information. At the end of the contractual relationship with Jacaruso Enterprises, we will provide you copies of all such work product, provided that we have received a written request from you within thirty (30) days following the end of the contractual period.