Toni brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the table. Her approach to improvement, assessment and implementation are sure fire ways to jump start any operation. Jacaruso Enterprises works with the latest and greatest tools and resources in the industry. If innovation and success are what you’re looking for -look no further you have found the answer and it’s Toni Jacaruso. Frank Saitta, Senior Director – Hilton Hotels Corporation

Toni is the eternal optimist! Toni’s energy and desire to help all that surround her be successful are just two of the amazing qualities that have lead to her phenomenal reputation as a leader. Toni finds a way to impact lives through her involvement in additional opportunities inside and outside her company and industry. She is a true example of hospitality and dedication to the people she serves. I am honored to know and work with her! Victoria Radke, Regional Sr. Director of Sales – Marriott International

If you want to sell more rooms at your hotel(s) hire Toni Jacaruso! She knows what to do and she will go out and get it done with your sales people. Toni reported to me for 5 years and is without a doubt one of the best sales and marketing people I have had the pleasure to work with in my 30+ years in hotel sales. If you would like to discuss her abilities or have any questions please call me direct on my cell phone. Peter Birckhead, Vice President of Sales – Extended Stay Hotels, 713-819-1980 (cell)

Toni, It was truly a pleasure to have you be a part of our General Manager Annual Meeting. We wanted to add an outside speaker to enhance the content and we were not disappointed. Not only was your presentation professionally presented with point on content, it was also very engaging and insightful. All our General Managers could not say enough about your time with them. This is a huge accomplishment given the different skill sets of the GM’s in the room. It was basic enough for that first time GM and also challenging and enough of a refresher for those more seasoned GM’s. They have already requested a possible follow up next year so we may see you at the next annual meeting. Thank you for your time and professionalism. Brian Gilchrist, Executive VP of Operations – Good Hospitality

Toni is one of the most energetic and well-liked people I have worked with in my 27 years in the hospitality business. Her intellect, intuition, and enthusiasm are very rare in business and in life. In short, she is a winner and I’m quite confident that she will excel in any future endeavor! Ed Iannarella, President – Stonehenge Consulting Group

Toni was an excellent individual to deal with. I have worked with Toni for a number of years. She has always displayed a very high level of knowledge in hotel sales. She has a business sales savvy that is current in today’s selling environment, but still maintains the important basics of a strong sales effort. I have also always been impressed by Toni’s positive and energetic attitude and team player. I would think that this makes her a terrific manager and motivator. It also sets a great example to her team. Ken Thompson, Sr. Vice President – Dimension Development

While Toni wasn’t one of my direct reports, I heard nothing but glowing remarks about her from the hotels. Everyone from the hotel owners to the sales directors was very fond of her. Having known Toni for many years during my career at Hilton Hotels, I’ve always thought of her to be a very knowledgeable, results-oriented, and conscientious individual. She’s one of those people you want to have on team when you need to get things done. Toni is definitely what I call a go-getter! Calvin Stovall, President & C.E.O.- The Professional Advantage, Inc.


Jason, Your willingness to go the extra mile for our team, and me especially meant a lot and I can’t thank you enough for: 1. Always being in a good mood even when I wasn’t 2. Always being willing to show me step by step when I needed it 3. Always being patient when you already told me and I had to ask again 4. Always following thru with something even though I didn’t do my follow-thru when you asked me! 5. Finding every answer to every question 6. Understanding when I had to switch days, switch times, cancel, was sick, was tired, was overwhelmed… You are wonderful and I hope your boss and your team knows what a winner you are!! Carla Ligon CHA, Director of Sales & Marketing Hampton Inn & Suites, Port Aransas, Texas

Elaine, Our experience with your sales service was everything we needed.  Not only were you able to assist, and teach, but you became a part of our team and a friend.  In my opinion, every hotel, who does not have a DOS on staff, should use your services. In my position, being new to my hotel, having you as a part of my team was vital in growing our business and learning the system.  I can’t thank you enough and I hope our paths cross again in the future. Gary J. Horton, General Manager, Hampton Inn Idaho Falls/Airport

JE Team: Thank you also for your continued partnership.  I hear such great things about you from my hotels.  They are so grateful for the support and coaching you give them.  I’m so glad we get to have you for another year! Irene Parsons, Director, Hilton Worldwide