Pre-Opening Sales Support Service

Designed to provide remote sales coverage when a hotel is going through the opening process. We work with the DOS/Sales Manager if there is one or act as the remote DOS if the GM is handling all sales efforts.

  • Guest Facing – We take all sales inquiry calls, handle group bookings, and negotiate LNR accounts
  • Group and LNR Contracts – We create templates for all group contracts and LNR agreements, forward them to the guest, and load them into the system
  • Lead/RFP Response – We respond to all electronic leads and RFPs
  • Lead Generation, Prospecting & Telemarketing – We prospect for new business on behalf of the hotel
  • Training New Hire – Once the DOS/Sales Manager is hired, or returns, we ensure they are informed of all sales activity during the absence and get them up to speed on new business.

Cost: $1,850 per month / Term: 3 months or longer